The Alchemy Difference

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When you think about growing your business or identify that it needs changes to increase its performance and move onto another level, you have two options. Employ an experienced manager or management team to plan, implement and action the changes, or to get advice from a consultancy. Both these routes have a cost implication and both carry a significant risk of failure, particularly if the people you use turn out to not be right ones for the job. Most companies take the consultancy option simply because it is not an ongoing commitment and therefore mitigates the long term cost to their business if things go wrong.

But what if the cost and the long term commitment were taken on by the consultancy itself, rather than your business? What if the risk of under-performance was not against your bottom line but ours?

There are many consultancies that will advise you on how to make changes that could increase the performance of your business. But how many do you know that will design a strategy to achieve your goals and then commit to working alongside you to project manage this plan through to success? And most uniquely of all we will do this in a way which ensures that our income is directly related to the additional revenue that we generate for you.

Depending on the type and size of the project we charge in two ways. Either a small monthly retainer, with the majority of our fee directly related to the performance of the project against pre-agreed, measured targets; or in other cases a share of the profits which we have created for you.

It might sound like magic, but this is simply the Alchemy Difference; and a large factor in us being able to guarantee success in this way is our use of the seven profit multipliers:

The seven profit multipliers

Effective lead generation

We can introduce 110 proven methods of generating higher levels of leads and enquiries for your business. You will no longer have to rely on the tired and ineffective methods that your competitors are using to increase their appeal to new clients; but instead you can truly differentiate your message and make sure that your company gets recognised in the crowd.

Improved conversion rates

After implementing some of our 62 proven methods of increasing conversion rates within any type of business your percentage will also significantly improve. Not only will this see more leads and enquiries turned into actual orders but it will also reduce the time that is spent chasing prospects that won’t buy.

Higher revenues per order

Your business can benefit from our 53 proven methods of maximising the revenue generated from each sale. It is generally recognised that it is seven times harder to find a new customer that to sell to an existing one. The logical course of action therefore, which so many businesses ignore, is to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities with their current clients. This increases both the revenue per sale and the loyalty of your client base.

Increased profit margins

By using any number of the 68 proven methods which we have developed to increase profit margins your company will be left in a far healthier and more robust financial position. There have been few more important maxims spoken about successful businesses than “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity”.

Generating more frequent ordering patterns

We can show you 55 proven methods to increase the frequency of your customers buying patterns, simply by being more proactive in encouraging them to order. This is a key element of developing a profitable and sustainable business model and is all too often neglected by most business owners.

Developing long term customer relationships

Extensive studies into leading businesses have helped us develop 38 proven methods to build stronger, partnership style relationships between our clients and theirs. It is a proven fact that customers are always more likely to buy from a business or person they already know, like and trust; so this is essential to growing a successful business.

Higher referral rates

We have identified 57 proven methods which will increase customer referral rates and testimonials for your business. Many of the world’s most successful companies report that high percentages of all their new business come through referrals and recommendations from their existing customers. Developing this ready resource is potentially the easiest and least expensive new business development strategy of them all and is another opportunity that too many companies do not fully utilise.