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We have identified the 26 most common marketing mistakes that businesses make and for a taste of our magic you can view this valuable document (worth £49) for FREE by completing our contact form.

About us

Our business is to grow your business

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Alchemy Business Growth is an independent business development consultancy specialising in helping clients acquire profitable clients in the financial sector.

Proven Systems

Our analysts, development consultants and marketing experts have studied what transforms good companies into great ones. Researching over 3,000 individual case studies, we have found an effective solution, proven to work with almost every type of business: the Alchemy Business Acceleration System.

Our system is based on 7 profit multipliers guaranteed to improve conversion rates, generate revenue from new and existing clients and raise profitability.

Our clients vary widely, from those struggling to make a profit, or requiring robust exit plans, to those who wish to grow significantly and take their business to the next level. Whatever your circumstances, our team has the financial and business expertise to guide your company along the best route to profitability. We do this by strengthening your position within the marketplace to sell to financial institutions, deciphering some of the technical language used and providing understanding of how they buy, as well as the regulatory pressures they may be under.


At Alchemy, we are passionate about seeing businesses thrive and have developed easy to implement, low-cost strategies which achieve remarkable results. Our services can be available for a low-cost monthly fee, with the bulk of the payment being calculated against the results we achieve for you.

These services include:

  • Creating new business sales and marketing strategies
  • Regeneration of old client programmes
  • Owner exit strategies
  • Efficiency and operational restructures
  • Selling to appropriate financial institutions

The Alchemy Network

Our position as part of the Alchemy Network means that our clients benefit from personalised business partnering backed by the experience and support of an international consultancy with decades of experience.

We have identified the 26 most common marketing mistakes that businesses make and  you can view this valuable document for FREE: